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Los Angeles, California based artist Morrison Machiavelli was born and raised in the Twin Cities mecca of underground Hip Hop. His music can be described as melodic-infused bravado with strong lyrical content. The sound explores insight from past and the present audibly packaged within a modern approach to Hip Hop music...

... although fundamentally rocking for and with the culture.

Morrison offers content and services as a Hip Hop artist and instructor. Actively mentoring artists, primarily youth, he works to bridge the gap within Hip Hop culture. As a Zulu Union member and practitioner Morrison works to uplift others as well as create free-form music not compromised by limitations or censorship, while maintaining his own moral code and values, as expressed within his music.

Music Video
Morrison Machiavelli & DR.L Beats

Same Same

Morrison Machiavelli & DR.L Beats

No More Pain

Music Releases
Educational Courses

Songwriting Courses

Self-expression is vital to creating the pulse maintaining community. Courses are offered to meet students within all ranges of skill, interest and availability. Tell your story.

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Recording & Production Courses

Whether it is your music that you are looking to make or record or others there is a place for everyone in the process. Artists cannot be heard in the worldwide virtual music community without producers/composers and audio-engineering.

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Hip Hop Cultural Courses

Everything starts with the foundation and at the core of Hip Hop are the five elements we've all heard (DJing, Breakdancing, Graffiti, Rapping, and Knowledge). But what does this translate today? Bridge the gap and connect with the culture.

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Musical Services

Songwriting & Features

Broaden your reach with collaborative twist. Features draw new audience as well as distinct contrast within a vibe. Add a verse or hook to your track with Morrison's distinct sound and wordplay.

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Performances & Appearances

Now booking performances worldwide featuring live production by DR.L Beats, speaking engagements, and interviews. Bringing dynamic art into the forefront our team offers performance packages from live instrumentation to spoken word.

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Mentorship & Coaching Service

Experience and wisdom can save time, energy and money. Invest in your future as an artist or supporting member of the music industry. Whether you are an independent artist or business professional consider an our range of dynamic resources.

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Contact Morrison

Reach out directly for all interest and inquiries professional, collaborative, personal, or otherwise. We'll get back to you ASAP.

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